One app for end users to manage their digital identity

User-Centric Data Control

Your users control where their personal data is stored and who can access it.
Let them give you explicit consent to access it with one click.

Certifiable Attributes

Increase your data quality by interacting with your users’ authentic digital identity instead of pseudonymous user profiles.

High-End Security

Prevent fraud, phishing, and spam by letting your users authenticate with cryptographic keys instead of weak passwords.

Convenient, secure, and cost-efficient interaction with customers over push transactions.

Synacts’ Digital ID Solution provide a secure, private, personalized and highly efficient way to communicate with your customers through rich push transactions. The Digital ID Wallet App allows your users to receive push transaction requests for many different situations along the customer journey: from onboarding, authentication and identification to instant payments, online checkouts, digital signing, and questionnaires. All services are built around the user’s verified digital identity and therefore provide the ultimate tool to create a seamless omnichannel customer experience.

Boost conversion with a seamless user experience…

Rich Push Notifications

for an impeccable user experience along critical stages of the customer journey.

One-Click Transactions

to boost your conversion through fast onboarding, authentication, and checkouts.

Unified User Profiles

to unambiguously identify your customers within and across organizational boundaries.

…and eliminate risks with state of the art security and data protection

Fraud Prevention

by interacting only with authenticated users whose personal data has been certified.

End-to-End Encryption

that makes all transactions computationally secure and eliminates the risk for man-in-the-middle attacks.

Hosting Independence

results in better protection and availability of your users’ personal data, simply by giving them back the control over it.

EU GDPR Compliance

with key articles of the upcoming regulation to prevent large fines and reputational damage in case of an incident.

Digital ID: Swiss technological excellence for a private, confidential and seamless user experience

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