Synacts a spin-off company of ETH Zurich

founded in 2015 we do not rest until the web has become more secure, private, and user-friendly

We develop user-centric online services that are based on the Digital ID protocol: a novel technology constituting an identity layer for the internet and a lookup layer for personal information. It gives internet users full control over the access to their data and provides a secure, private and automated way to exchange sensitive information over the web. With verifiable digital identities, we drastically facilitate user identification and authentication while providing a highly user-friendly, cost-efficient solution for digital onboarding, online checkouts, e-signing, secure messaging, and payment.

Meet the Team: here or wherever you are

Jason Blum


Julia Wüthrich

COO, Marketing & Finance

Kaspar Etter


Stephanie Stroka

CPO, Product Engineering

Gioele Moretti

Developer, Bachelor Thesis

We are supported by

Andy Schweiger
Senior Manager EMEAR Central 2.0
Cisco Systems

We are always looking for talented and passionate people to join us

Software Architects

Systems Engineers

Application Developers

Entrepreneurs & Mentors

Just drop us a line, include the main points of your CV, your Linkedin profile and let us know why you would be the perfect fit for us.

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Synacts GmbH
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MwSt: CHE-263.887.385
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Synacts Icon PNG 150×150

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