A user-owned verified digital identity for every service …

Trusted organizations can verify any personal data in the Digital ID Wallet App and act as validation providers.

All verified personal attributes are immediately displayed in the user’s Digital ID Wallet App and can be used for transactions with high trust requirements.

Service providers can now rely on the verification and validate the authenticity of user attributes at the validation provider over an API.

…to seamlessly and confidentially interact with rich push transactions over a single channel

User Onboarding

Provide a seamless onboarding experience to new users by sending Push Onboarding requests to their Digital ID Wallet. As the users’ digital identity has already been verified by a validation provider, onboarding them with their Digital ID Wallet efficiently protects service providers from fraud. Additionally, it spares users from having to manually register and create a separate account for every new service.

  • Authentic user identities instead of unverified accounts
  • Explicit consent to access the user’s personal data
  • No tedious registration processes
  • All transactions are encrypted
  • An efficient approach to fraud prevention
  • Seamless onboarding and login processes

Multi Factor Authentication

Securely let your users authenticate in a convenient way without weak passwords or expensive hard tokens. With state of the art cryptography your user’s device IS the first authentication factor. Where two-factor authentication (2FA) is needed, users simply provide an additional PIN or biometric factor, a fingerprint for example.

  • Authenticate users independent of the channel they are using
  • Elimination of phishing risks
  • Strong cryptographic keys instead of weak human passwords
  • Remote access revocation in case a device gets lost or stolen
  • Additional security through location sensitivity
  • Roaming free and therefore less expensive than mTAN

Digital Payment

Increase conversion by facilitating user checkouts with instant payments and spare your users from manually handling payment data.

Digital Signing

Let your customers seamlessly sign legal contracts by sending Push Signing notifications to their Digital ID Wallet App.

Instant Analytics

Remind users of your service excellence with rich-format questionnaires to learn about your customers and boost customer happiness.

Always Coupon

Send beautiful offers to your customers, enable cross-selling and close the loyalty loop to maximize customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Digital ID: For you and your Users

Provider Benefits: Elimination of password-related risks such as phishing
User Benefits: Fast, secure and user-friendly single- or multi-factor authentication
Provider Benefits: No hardware costs
User Benefits: No device limitations
Provider Benefits: High data quality and increased conversion
Users: No tedious management of multiple user accounts
Provider Benefits: Cost reduction for “know your customer”-compliant transactions, prevention of fraud and additional revenues for certification authorities
User Benefits: Convenient and seamless identification and onboarding processes with one digital identity
Provider Benefits: Lean implementation for many different use cases
User Benefits: No need for separate apps to conduct transactions with different providers
Provider Benefits: Reduced liability through the improvement of user data protection and compliance with key articles of the EU-GDPR
User Benefits: Data sovereignty for the user means privacy and transparency how and by whom personal data is handled
Provider Benefits: Unified user directories within and across organizations
User Benefits: The Digital ID Wallet as a single, authentic user identity for all service providers
Provider Benefits: Much more secure, efficient and personalized than email or SMS
User Benefits: User-friendly provider interaction with one-click transactions
Provider Benefits: Effective protection of your user interactions from man-in-the-middle attacks
User Benefits: Effective protection from espionage, monitoring, tracking or other intrusive practices


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Identity will be the most valuable commodity for citizens in the future, and it will exist primarily online. – Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman at Alphabet Inc.

…and that’s exactly why the user must own and control it – Synacts, 2016